Monday, December 27, 2010

DIY Funsies

origami cherry blossoms:

Cootie Catcher Template

Print at Home:
  • menus
  • table numbers
  • place cards
  • programs
  • favor stickers/tags/labels
Table finder/place card cookie favors (iced shortbread/sugar cookies)

Printed vellum candle holder wraps like...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photography/Videography Notes

I have left this to Kinnon but of course I have a few notes. ;)

timelapse: we'd need to reposition it at some point but I'd LOVE to have one.

Photo advice:
get separate bride/groom/family photos done before the wedding. Anything that doesn't involve the pair together, get done early/before the wedding so the guests don't have to wait so long. If we get the place we want, 2 hours on a different day are alloted for bridal photos. Cool! I'd even go so far as to do family shots during the reception dinner, honestly if all we're looking for is family photos from the wedding. I'll be in a white dress, just not THE white dress.

Video advice:
Have a friend take video and then send it off to someone who can put it together into an 8-10 minute short film.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bride's Emergency Kit

Extra Contact Lenses and solution
White chalk/Tide pen
peppermint altoids
extra pku shake
snacks (apple slices, banana, Lindor truffles, etc)
band aids
drinking straws

Bridal Party Emergency Kit:
extra corsage/bout pins
bottled water
lint rollers
Etc, mostly same as the bathroom kits

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why so Serious?

In The Photobooth Prop Box:
Light Sabers
Nerf Guns
Mustaches and Cateye glasses on sticks
Feather Boas
large antique picture frame
whiteboard speech bubble and marker
floorball stick/goalie mask
Mickey/Minnie Ears
giant wisk (aka "manual eggbeater")
cowboy hats
silly hats

What Floats Our Boats

"Garden Of Geekery"

Traditional skeleton with bionic organs.

A normal wedding with a lot of quirks.

Simple, subtly glamorous... with lasers.


Everything nice and traditional from a distance, but as you get closer you can see little plastic godzillas and transformers in the bouquets. Perhaps there's a light saber by the cake and a bubble machine behind the buffet... A big yellow question mark over the card box and guest book...

legos, zelda, chocobo, cactuar, totoro, soot sprite, gundam, reverse edge blade, above 9000!, World of Warcraft, druid, For The Horde!

natural pearls, transparent blue and green, organic twisted silver wire, mason jars, white candles, river rocks, orange tulips, light blue flowers in green grass, blueberries limes clemintines, (FAKE) goldfish, greenery, molded glass, sea glass, peacock feathers, abalone, white LEDs, succulent plants, bromeliads


saturated colors

brightly colored glass in iron frames

bright flowers, bromeliads, flowering cactus

white knotted ribbons, white lilies of the valley, white LEDs


Inspiration Boards.

especially the hanging candleholders


emerald green and cobalt blue?

(aka rain barrel project green and pku blue)

This plus my blue: (and no leaves on the cake. Thats weird.)

Plain green:

Blues and Green:

Hey look its almost my original idea except more "saturated!" (ixnay on the gingham though)

ooooo pretty teal/green/black:


LOVE everything about this wedding (except the color but thats a personal preference).

Tame The Hair

My hair is thin and fine and doesn't hold up well in voluminous styles.

However...... Resources:

Oh Em gee prettyyyy:

This is also pretty and probably more reasonable for my hair:

Groom's Resources

Men's Warehouse

Al's Formal Wear runs deals with David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo and does color matching.

One (or both?) of them runs an occasional sale where the groom's tux is free with rental of X number of other rentals.

Courtesy Baskets/Kits

Bathroom Emergency Baskets: basic meds, band aids, mini sewing kits, safety pins, bobby pins, hair spray, spray on deodorant, hand lotion, clear nail polish, white chalk, mouth wash, mini flossers, lady needs, antibacterial hand gel, fashion tape, nail file, Tide marker, tweezers

A lot of things we likely already have and would just need to throw in a basket.

Individual Wedding Survival Kits: mini flosser, 2 starlight mints, handy wipes, kleenex

If the venue doesn't provide it, put nice hand soap in the restrooms (like the soap/lotion sets available from Ross/Marshalls/Bath&Body Works)

Provide safe ride home phone numbers and mints at the exit.

Guest Bags, Guest Goodies that aren't Favors

Out of town/Hotel guest bags. (Not that there will be many)

-important contact info
-recommended area restaurants/things to do/taxi#
-nearest Walgreens/CVS/grocery store/mall etc
-locally made snacks (Austinuts/trail mix, Sour balls, gold rush brownies)
-bottled water (HEB brand!)
-tin of Altoids Smalls
-pocket pack of tissues

Idea: Different glass markers for each table.

Note: have cards with cab service phone numbers available at the exit. And mints.

Reception Notes

Dance Lessons: "Go Dance in Northcross Mall is great! They have wedding packages, too. The teachers are wonderful and the facility is really nice."

Bouquet and garter hot-potato instead of tossing.

Instead of a normal guestbook, hand out index cards and art supplies, to be hung on string with decorated clothespins during the reception. (Later to be formed into a scrapbook)

Make each table's centerpiece a theme of something we like. (anime, chocolate, bbq, photography, etc)

Use Kinnon's photos for table numbers.

Mustaches and cat eye glasses on sticks at every table, with cameras.

Photo Booth
Can be set to print 2 copies, one for the guest, one to save in the guestbook/scrap book


*Denotes Most important

Fun Audience Participation Songs
*The Time Warp, RHPS
*Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
*Don’t Stop Believing, Journey
*Friends in Low Places, Garth Brooks

Camp Songs With Dances
*500 Miles
*Ain't No Mountain high Enough
*Cupid Shuffle
*World’s Greatest - R. Kelly
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
Dirty Pop - NSync
Istanbul - They Might Be Giants
Bunny Hop

*Total Eclipse of The Heart and other rad 80's songs
*Some classics, TBD (Sinatra, Holliday, etc)
Robert Earl Keane
I feel Good, James Brown
How Sweet It Is
Where It's At – Beck (intermission? maybe before cake cutting?)

Group Dances
*The Grand March
Boot Scootin Boogie

Do NOT Play (Or at least try not to play):
Chicken Dance
Electric Slide


Keep multiple sets of fake rings in a few different places JUST IN CASE.

Pay for everything with a credit card.
-earn airline miles
-ability to stop payment if a vendor tries to screw you over

Pay it off as soon as the charges appear to avoid debt.

To avoid tripping on the dress or getting it bunched between your legs as you walk, wear a petticoat, make sure the hem is correct, and kick out a little with each step. Practice.

Be sure to actually eat before the wedding, and put someone else in charge of your cell phone for the day. Acknowledge that even though the bride is busy, some people simply won't know who else to call with questions.

Put the MOH in charge of having your bridal shower guests write their own address on envelopes when they arrive. Even if they don't bring a gift you can and should thank them for coming.

Make a bridal emergency kit with assorted medications, good band-aids, clear nail polish, altoids (better than gum), floss picks, tiny candy bars for energy/calming chocolate, etc. <--lol@choc The rings and the photos will last longer than anything else at the wedding. Don't sweat the small stuff. (From
---Be nice to your guests.

That doesn't mean you have to have an open bar or a full meal, just let them know what to expect. If they have to have cash on them to drink and there's no ATM, if it's an appetizer reception and they should eat a meal first, if the ceremony is outdoors and anyone wearing heels is going to sink through the grass...

Thank them for coming. This doesn't mean receiving line or anything, just circulate or worst case, be gracious when they come to you to congratulate you. I don't mind many things at a reception but when the groom/bride seem genuinely uninterested in whether I'm there or not, it makes me wonder why I'm wearing uncomfortable shoes for them.

Don't overestimate the power of the DJ. I know terrific wedding DJs exist, I've just never been to a wedding with one. I have been to more than one wedding where no one danced due to the DJ playing a weird mix of songs or being an off-putting MC Skeez.

Start on time D; This is totally a personal pet peeve, and I know there's a million good reasons to start your wedding late, but I'm someone who makes sure to arrive early to everything so when the ceremony starts 30 minutes late, I've already been sitting there for 45+ minutes. I told my fiance I'm walking down the aisle within 5 minutes of the start time on the invitation, even if I have to do it without him or the wedding party or any seated guests.

I've been to receptions where every decorative detail was gorgeous and meticulous and perfect, but myself and other guests I was with left feeling like some of the effort could have been spent on us. I've been to plain, low budget weddings where I had a blast because the reception was focused around my comfort and enjoyment as a guest.

Ceremony Notes

Spice blending instead of a unity candle or sand.

*give out small jars of the blend as a favor

Non-Religious Officiant recommendation:

Other officiant recs:

"In sickness and in health, through the occasional high phe level....."

Thursday, October 21, 2010


As of 10-20-2010 we're officially engaged.

I have some thank you notes to write. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Vision.

The guests enter the ceremony area to the sounds of instrumental music from anime, movies, and video games Kinnon and I love. Ideally outddoors in a pretty garden, or a Catholic church with stained glass windows. The aisles are decorated by shepherd's hook hangers with alternating paper lanterns and pomander balls if outside, or a simple ribbon/flower pew hanger. If there is a runner (outside), it has plywood underneath so nobody trips. Bride enters to Aeris theme from FF7. The ceremony itself is short and to the point, [if outdoors] officiated by Spike Gillespie. After the officiant announces the new couple, the FF7 Battle win theme plays, then mixes into the traditional music [whatever it is called] and the bride and groom exit.

The guests are treated to appetizers and iced tea while the photos are taken. Unlined index cards and art supplies with be provided in lieu of a guestbook, to be clothes-pinned to a string during the reception, then scrapbooked later. Guests will be treated to a small, probably edible favor [tbd]. There should be Mad-Libs books, crayons, and paper on the tables for entertainment purposes. Iced tea and water will be served in personalized stadium cups (also a favor). Centerpieces are low and consist of flowers, greenery, and little Toy Joy toys on wires (guests can take them home), and have a knotted white ribbon around the vase. The newlyweds are welcomed in to [music tbd, Satellite by DB?] and we feast on foods the bride and groom love, as well as good beers selected by the Bride's family and good wines selected by the Groom's family. While everything is digesting there are a few succinct speeches and champagne, then first dance wherein Kinnon and I magically know how to dance well, father/daughter dance, mother son dance (possibly combined?) and the longest married dance. More dancing ensues, interrupted by cake (small 2 tier traditional and some family favorites), later bouquet toss (gift card stuck inside?) if there are any single ladies left anywhere on the planet at that point, and probably a garter toss (catcher gets a gift card?). We'll exit through a cloud of bubbles and possibly sparklers, venue permitting, and hopefully make the getaway in a fancy car or helicopter.^^