Monday, November 1, 2010


Keep multiple sets of fake rings in a few different places JUST IN CASE.

Pay for everything with a credit card.
-earn airline miles
-ability to stop payment if a vendor tries to screw you over

Pay it off as soon as the charges appear to avoid debt.

To avoid tripping on the dress or getting it bunched between your legs as you walk, wear a petticoat, make sure the hem is correct, and kick out a little with each step. Practice.

Be sure to actually eat before the wedding, and put someone else in charge of your cell phone for the day. Acknowledge that even though the bride is busy, some people simply won't know who else to call with questions.

Put the MOH in charge of having your bridal shower guests write their own address on envelopes when they arrive. Even if they don't bring a gift you can and should thank them for coming.

Make a bridal emergency kit with assorted medications, good band-aids, clear nail polish, altoids (better than gum), floss picks, tiny candy bars for energy/calming chocolate, etc. <--lol@choc The rings and the photos will last longer than anything else at the wedding. Don't sweat the small stuff. (From
---Be nice to your guests.

That doesn't mean you have to have an open bar or a full meal, just let them know what to expect. If they have to have cash on them to drink and there's no ATM, if it's an appetizer reception and they should eat a meal first, if the ceremony is outdoors and anyone wearing heels is going to sink through the grass...

Thank them for coming. This doesn't mean receiving line or anything, just circulate or worst case, be gracious when they come to you to congratulate you. I don't mind many things at a reception but when the groom/bride seem genuinely uninterested in whether I'm there or not, it makes me wonder why I'm wearing uncomfortable shoes for them.

Don't overestimate the power of the DJ. I know terrific wedding DJs exist, I've just never been to a wedding with one. I have been to more than one wedding where no one danced due to the DJ playing a weird mix of songs or being an off-putting MC Skeez.

Start on time D; This is totally a personal pet peeve, and I know there's a million good reasons to start your wedding late, but I'm someone who makes sure to arrive early to everything so when the ceremony starts 30 minutes late, I've already been sitting there for 45+ minutes. I told my fiance I'm walking down the aisle within 5 minutes of the start time on the invitation, even if I have to do it without him or the wedding party or any seated guests.

I've been to receptions where every decorative detail was gorgeous and meticulous and perfect, but myself and other guests I was with left feeling like some of the effort could have been spent on us. I've been to plain, low budget weddings where I had a blast because the reception was focused around my comfort and enjoyment as a guest.

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