Monday, November 1, 2010

What Floats Our Boats

"Garden Of Geekery"

Traditional skeleton with bionic organs.

A normal wedding with a lot of quirks.

Simple, subtly glamorous... with lasers.


Everything nice and traditional from a distance, but as you get closer you can see little plastic godzillas and transformers in the bouquets. Perhaps there's a light saber by the cake and a bubble machine behind the buffet... A big yellow question mark over the card box and guest book...

legos, zelda, chocobo, cactuar, totoro, soot sprite, gundam, reverse edge blade, above 9000!, World of Warcraft, druid, For The Horde!

natural pearls, transparent blue and green, organic twisted silver wire, mason jars, white candles, river rocks, orange tulips, light blue flowers in green grass, blueberries limes clemintines, (FAKE) goldfish, greenery, molded glass, sea glass, peacock feathers, abalone, white LEDs, succulent plants, bromeliads


saturated colors

brightly colored glass in iron frames

bright flowers, bromeliads, flowering cactus

white knotted ribbons, white lilies of the valley, white LEDs


Inspiration Boards.

especially the hanging candleholders


emerald green and cobalt blue?

(aka rain barrel project green and pku blue)

This plus my blue: (and no leaves on the cake. Thats weird.)

Plain green:

Blues and Green:

Hey look its almost my original idea except more "saturated!" (ixnay on the gingham though)

ooooo pretty teal/green/black:


LOVE everything about this wedding (except the color but thats a personal preference).

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