Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Centerpiece Inspiration

The main color is teal (tux vests, bridesmaid dresses), with shades of blue and green for table textiles
The flowers: circus roses, irises, and (fake) lilies of the valley.

I have tried creating color palettes to show how this would work but they come out kind of hideous.

Instead, imagine a low bouquet of pink/orange tipped yellow roses and bright purple/blue irises with bear grass ad other assorted greenery in a short clear glass cube vase tied with a white knotted ribbon... on a teal, green, or blue runner over a white tablecloth, with white tea lights on silver plates. The real thing looks SO much better than the color palette indicates.

The lanterns could also be hung on shephard's hooks as aisle decor during the ceremony. I know for a fact that Pier One sells the plain clear lanterns for about $12 each, and I'm sure we can get a stand like that somewhere.
want want want want!!!!!!!!

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