Monday, May 2, 2011

First Big Decor Purchase

  • Candle holder:  red/gold beads will be replaced or simply removed ($4 for 2 blue or white flat glass beads at Michael's)
  • "Beehive Vase"
  • Wire and glass "lanterns", Qty 8 - thats half the tables!  Need to devise a nice LED "candle" for each.  Thinking vellum tubes?  (could also work for ceremony aisle decor, either on the ground OR on shepherd hooks?)
  • Tall vases, X2, I don't think they're identical but they might be really close
  • The gazing ball 
  • Metal lantern, may need to be painted a brighter teal
  • Not pictured:  teal sequin/glitter/seed beaded box, will probably be used to hold pens or white knotted ribbon pins at the reception
All of these things can and will be put to use after the wedding.  I'm going to try and make sure I am not tempted to buy anything that I can't use or give away later.

So after seeing all my booty, I think my best course of tablescape action is this formula:

  • 1 (LED) Candle in pretty glass (Real candles are not allowed)
  • 1 Vase of flowers (I have 3 vases now and mom has a ton)


  • Random/Themed item or group of items

Random/Themed Stuff I can use:

  • Mom's golden peace yoga frog
  • One of mom's garden gnomes (or more)
  • The teal gazing ball  (needs a stand!)
  • Rawhide/iron candle centerpiece from Uncle Steve
  • Raid mom and dad's statue collection
  • Nerdy figurines (WoW, FF7, Red Dwarf)
  • dozen colored glass votive lanterns (4x ea blue, yellow, red, clear)
  • my big metal Ant

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