Wednesday, July 20, 2011


hokay so it looks like we may be having half a symphony playing during our ceremony.

Which means I'll be cutting the budget in other places.  Mostly by minimizing the flowers.   I wonder if small potted plants would be cheaper for the tables?  Or cactus/succulents/bromeliads?
My bouquet does not need to be particularly big at all.  My ladies aren't going to carry flowers.
I'm thinking about making use of more non-florals for the guestbook/cake/whatever tables as well.
spray painted branches
paper lanterns  (read:  sheets of scrapbooking vellum taped into a cylinder!)
LED candles LED tealights  going to need lots of LED "candles" since HH doesn't allow real candles

My bouquet, still "clutch" long stem style:
circus roses
lilies of the valley
bear grass loosely "woven" over the top?  maybe?
palm frond/banana leaf kinda greenery

These are the recommended florists:

Floral Design
v      The Flower Studio- 512.236.0916
v      The Gala
v      Mandarin Flower Co.
v      Park Crest Floral- 512.467.4024
v      The Flower Child- 512.251.8869

But before I call any I need to lay out my tablescape plans.  I need a big dry erase board.  :P

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Deco and theme tables

10 regular tables
6 cocktail tables
guest book table
favor table
cake table
gift table
bar decor?

Photos of the stuff I have to work with.  I don't particularly want to buy anything else but my mom has a ton of clear glass vases if needed.

10 themed tables each need a small floral feature and scattered mints with the themed item(s)
6 cocktail tables only need a small votive candle and scattered mints.
I'm planning to use Mama T's borrowed shepherd's hooks with my 8 glass lanterns for aisle decor and then move them to cocktail tables and then 2 on the bar.
Tall vases will be good for the guest/favor tables.
Globe on guestbook table with what I hope turns out to be a great bouquet of fun fabric flowers...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Squee!

Kinnon has the save-the-date magnets nearly finished and I LOVE THEM!

Y'all are just going to have to watch your mailboxes.  :3

No I have not started folding anything.

I'll be fiiiiine.  :P

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Instead of trying to stop using this blog to plan and clean it up for public viewing I just started a fresh one.

As soon as Kinnon and I can agree on some details we'll move it to our own .com