Monday, August 22, 2011

another wedding nightmare

Wrong venue, wrong guests, right dress but altered wrong.

I arrived early at the University Catholic Student Center (my "home" church) to get ready, only the place was such a confusing mess of hallways and unmarked rooms that I ended up changing into my dress in a bathroom.  None of the wedding party showed up.  Most of the guests were people I had never met before and they were jeering at me and complaining about everything going on.  Some people were crashing the ceremony to protest the fact that I was allowed to get married there AND I got one of their friends' preferred wedding date.  The bouquet wasn't tied because I had forgotten the ribbon.  My guests weren't there because I couldn't tell them the new location in time.  I couldn't find my way from where I had dressed, to the actual chapel until 30 minutes after the wedding should have started.  Couldn't tell if Kinnon was even there.  Some of my dad's family had made it but they were all angry and upset over the horrible planning and the fact that there were a bunch of random other people there.  Everything I had worked on and planned for the whole engagement had basically been deleted from existence.

The general gist of the dream was that in trying to do everything myself I sabotaged my own wedding.  

recap:  first wedding nightmare involved wrong dress, drunk priest, nobody bothered to come, ceremony held at a vacant lot in a place that was both East Austin and Dime Box, TX.

second one I don't remember but I know I was in the wrong dress again, and grandparents were upset with me.


  1. Good grief! You need to make massages a weekly affair... seriously... the wedding is 6 months away... you shouldn't be THIS stressed yet. Gotta relax, chica... these dreams are fiction.. just remember that.

  2. -_- I know. I'll get one next week. I'm stressed over the fact that the one thing I need to do now (book a block of hotel rooms) is being SO damn difficult, but everything else doesn't need to be done right now, yet I can do it now but Kinnon keeps saying to save it for later in case I change my mind or whatever. Argh!

  3. Kinnon seems to be the king of procrastination.. so don't listen to him.. make a calendar (I think you already have one) and work on that... know if you get to something early, great.. but otherwise, give yourself a few week leeway as far as hard deadlines... Also.. don't forget us! We can help with things...