Friday, August 12, 2011

Design, Revisited

Teal, Navy, Dark Purple (almost peacocky)

Aesthetic theme:  Origami water bomb lanterns, teal glass lanterns and vases, non floral

Aisle Decor:  Teal glass lanterns with water bomb lantern, topped with origami lotus, to be moved to cocktail tables after the ceremony

Bridal Bouquet:  few irises, few circus roses, few lilies-of-the-valley, lavender, bear grass, hand wrapped in teal ribbon with purple accents/beading

Bridesmaids will carry lanterns:  TBD

Flower Girl: a single big flower with ribbon tied in a bow

Ring Bearer:  pillow made of MOTB's wedding dress scraps, by Oma

Boutonnieres and corsages:  TBD

Tables (10) themed to our assorted hobbies and Geekeries (plus water bomb lanterns and scattered buttermints)
1.  Cooking
2.  Photography
3.  Gardening
4.  Legos
5.  World of Warcraft
6.  Electronics (xbox, apple, PS, etc)
7.  Portal
8.  Final Fantasy games
9.  Beer Glasses

Cocktail tables (6):  white cloth, navy ties, Teal lantern, scattered buttermints, nerf guns

Card box:  stalk Gardenridge during the holidays for something appropriate and prepare to spray paint to an appropriate color

Guest book:  TBD

Favors:  glass markers for all, buttermints scattered on all tables

Personalized items:  I feel like we need something personalized but whatever it is needs to be cheap.  maybe put the glass markers on business cards with our logo (that we don't have yet)


  1. For the glass markers... do you want to make them? I can get my MIL to show us and possibly even help - after October.. we're all swamped til then.

  2. I have almost enough already but will definitely want to make any more needed to get the right amount. I'll have to post a picture of my "collection" tonight when I get home :) I definitely want to make nice little cards to attache them to though... like business cards with a hole punched/slashed? Those can wait quite a while though.