Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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shower host brought a blank journal and had guests write their best marriage advice/sign/draw stuff, gave to bride at end of shower

Take 10 styrofoam cups and fill them with 10 different herbs. Place aluminum foil over the top with a small hole in the center. Put a number on each cup to keep track.  Pass around the cups and let everyone smell the herbs (no peeking) and whoever gets the most right wins a prize.    <----love this!!!

Make "Bingo Cards" with 25 empty spaces (5 across, 5 down).   Have the guests write in the gifts that they think the bride-to-be will receive (or premake them with basic stuff). As she opens her presents, mark off any of the presents written down.  As soon as someone has "5 in a row," shout "BINGO!

"what's in your purse" game, checking off lists of things that were in your purse. Be sure to include a wide variety of items so all age groups can play.

we asked the bride and groom the same questions on a day prior to the wedding at the same time.. so they couldn't cheat.. the questions were all about the bride.. her favorite this and that.. etc then at the shower we had the guests guess how many they matched on and had them hold up their answers it got the guests to know more about them.. tiebreaker questions were ones they answered the same and the guest had to answer!!

questionnaire "how well do you know the bride".  Be sure to use questions appropriate for all guests.  Have bride read answers aloud.   (3 different sets of 5 questions for variety and time)

Wrapped kitchen utensils in tissue paper.  People had to close their eyes and "feel" to guess the utensil. Winner got a prize.

have a bag of groceries, mostly common, a couple less common, and ask each guest to give us a total value of the groceries. We had a separate prize for the closest answer because the bride-to-be got the groceries.

don't embarrass people.

calling out answers is more fun than writing things down....  unless they're silly and the fun part is having the bride read the answers out loud!

LOL but noooooo:

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