Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo update

Here we have my origami tie-in of "water bomb lights".  Its an origami balloon with an LED tea light popped inside.  We can put 1-3 on each table or even create mountains of them.  they'll involve about 4 seconds of prep time each the day of the wedding (turning on LED and popping them inside the cube).

I can crank out a ton of these while watching TV and Amazon sells the "flameless" tea lights for about 70 cents each.  Save-On crafts may have them even cheaper.  BBB sells them, too and it may work out that the 20% off coupon may make that cheap too.  We'll see.  

I'm also thinking about other assorted origami type things to have all over the place.  Should have taken a photo of the practice stuff I did last night.  Flowers, boxes, sides of pomanders...   Currently trying to figure out how to work origami into the invitations but that will be another post.  

Here are the save-the-dates.  I can plow through them super easy but they still need to be stuffed, sealed, and stamped.

I played around a bit with my extra paper:

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