Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Next Big Worry

Cake.  I am morally against spending twice as much per slice as I would for TWO homemade 8 serving cakes.


Why isn't google being more helpful?  It keeps finding me the same stupid $5/6.50+ per slice foo-foo bakeries.


I found Planet Bonnie and Moonlight Bakery, and am waiting to make sure the venue has no issues with them.


  1. Seriously... check out Central Market, Whole Foods, Randalls or Kroger. Kroger did a great job on my first wedding cake.. it was SO GOOD and was pretty... Not sure where, but I have pix in the bottom of a box.. I'll try to dig them up.

  2. I'm calling Central Market this weekend. :)

    Oddly enough I just had some cake from Sam's that tasted better than the last wedding cake I ate.

    There is hope!