Wednesday, September 14, 2011


  • Need a cake ASAP
  • Should have a DJ soon (full circle media)
  • Need to send HH my "vision" with a list of vendors so we can start pinning things down
  • Need to meet with the officiant (the priest at the chapel of the state school where my mom volunteers)
  • Flowers.  Uggh.  DO NOT WANT a florist or their inflated costs.  Means I need to figure out boutonnierres and corsages ASAP.  I can definitely do my own bouquet.
  • Pin down table decor (buy LED tealights, think about manzanilla branches with origami flowers, etc)
  • Price and purchase individually wrapped buttermints
  • lots of websites suggest providing cards with cab service phone numbers but I have never seen that at a wedding before....  I'm not opposed to the idea but ...?
  • Project Wedding says I need to start making the invitations  (Kristal halp! I have some ideas finally though)
  • Make my DIY project list (origami, invitations, boutonnieres, tablescapes, 
  • ...apparently need to make a video of me folding an envelope  XD  and post it on the wedblog
  • My Ladies' dresses  (I'm going to be really flexible about shoes and we'll figure out jewelry later)
  • Buy three purple/navy blue glass lanterns.  Missed the op to buy the ones I saw at Pier 1 a while back.  Sad!  Need to check gardenridge, Ross, and Marshalls
  • Veil, accessories
  • Anything I had originally assigned Kinnon to do.  For reasons I cannot divulge but are good reasons!
Favors collected so far:
Pretty sure I've bought one of each type available in Austin and will have to get the rest through I have one other set but some of them I'm going to toss because they say things about being overly drunk and I don't want anyone getting stuck with those.  I DO also want to find some young kid and non drinker friendly items for favors.  Just not sure what yet...  any ideas? 

And one possibility of a cake topper (those are our iPod nanos from way back in the day) and the other bits and bobs are for dollar dance clothespins...?  I've never seen a "dollar dance" but Kinnon claims his family always does them.  So...  ok?  I'm not cool with people pinning money directly to my dress so Kinnon suggested sashes.  So we need to pick up some nice wide ribbon and do something pretty to it.

I don't know of any family wedding traditions on my side but I know Kinnon's family does the dollar dance thing and The Grand March.  

Old: supposed to be a family jewel but we don't really have any, so I'll probably string the James Avery heart Kinnon gave me a few years ago into the bouquet wrapping
New: jewelry (looking for sterling silver/white gold with white/gray pearls and a little sparkle)
Borrowed:  supposed to be from an older, happily married woman, probably hand tatted lace from oma's mother wrapped around the bouquet
Blue: bright blue rhinestone "I"  and "Do" on the heels of my shoes

(Czech) Someone breaks a plate (ceramic or stoneware!), then the bride and groom clean it up together with broom and dustpan and keep a piece.  apparently whoever gets the broom will "wear the pants" so some couples have a real scuffle over this!

For reasons I won't go into I want to incorporate some kind of fertility charm.  -_-  In fact, perhaps I want a whole (inconspicuous) fertility symbol collection ..........................  frogs, rabbits, snakes, the primitive Venus, a "horn" and platter.....  mmkay I have an idea for this.  And it'll take care of gift table decor, too.  


  1. I went to A Flower Basket on Ben White near Congress. They did a great job and weren't bank-breaking.

    We can work on the invites soon. Lets set a date to go paper shopping to get some samples.

    I've seen Dollar Dances before. I can't say I'm a fan, but a sash might be a good idea. If not, then how about a tree in a pot for people to clip bills to?

  2. Yes'm. I have a few ideas, and a few things I specifically don't want to do. but I finally have some vague shape of an idea now!!!!! YAY!

    Also, speaking of paper... I want to start looking for appropriately colored wrapping paper to use as table runners for the non dining tables. No idea if the kind of designed paper I'm thinking of even exists at non ridiculous prices but I need to look anyway. See?

    And a few sheets of scrapbook paper to use as cocktail table "runners"/accents/whatever it's called. If I could find good stuff in bulk for CHEAP I'd consider using scrapbook squares as placemats, too. And then any left over/still clean can be used to make my wedding scrapbook.

    Of and the darn LED tealights. Under 75cents each is a good price but I am not sure how many I need just yet. I'm betting there will be sales after Christmas.^^!

  3. Found someone who may be willing to sell me her used led tea lights for cheap. Assuming they still work of course.