Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Trials: Ribbon Ball and Moroccan Lantern

The materials.  Plus glow sticks and LED tea lights for the oCube lantern tests.  Both the little glow sticks failed and the big one didn't fit so I'll have to buy more and try again.  I did, however, figure out how to take the innards of the LED tea light out, and learned that Dollar Tree sells them 3/$1.  Best price so far.  Also, Combo of being able to dismantle LED tea lights + just using plain letter size paper to make the lanterns = origami paper problem solved!  Don't even have to cut it down to size as long as the folds are crisp.  Of course it would be nice to get my hands on some bigger sheets (10, 12, or 15x) but I'm tired of looking.

 A thing for the flower girl to carry since I'm not interested in strewn petals.  It's on a square "ball" because the square ones were only $1 whereas the round ones were $4.  I actually really like it, and it looks a lot better in person.  The only thing I worry about is that the directions called for attaching the ribbons with pins and I fear Kaylee may yank out a ribbon and ...  eek!  So I want to do another but with hot glue, with either a more carefully carved cube or actual ball, actual measured ribbons instead, and on the real thing I want to add some little doodads from Toy Joy along with the purdy flowers.  :3  Another less pointy but probably more expensive alternative to sewing type pins are jewelry pins:

The DIY Moroccan lantern (minus the wire handle).
I followed the tutorial this time and free-handed the design, but next time I'm using stencils and a spouncer.  Maybe even acrylic paint instead of T-Shirt Paint.  Even Kinnon likes it and wants a red one with the horde symbol.  I think he's pleasantly surprised that I'm finding these things.  XD

Idea:  Solar pathway light + DIY moroccan lantern

(I like the actual glass paint better than the "outdoor modge podge")

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