Monday, October 31, 2011


I have to drink enough water in the days leading up to the wedding or I'll get a dehydration headache like I have right now. ><

Have the DJ remind people to sign the guestbook just after the beginning of the reception and again somewhere in the middle.

Get containers for the spice ceremony.  (Er...  and spices!)
4 small ones for parents.
2 for parents to pour in to
1 for us to pour into, seal, and keep.

Assign jobs to people accompanying the wedding party/parents.
Suzie (wrangling her own kids will probably be enough!), Alison (our LED lady, perhaps?), Lonne (ceremony guest sign-in/bouncer and/or ...?), Aaron   (these 4 are the most important to include)
Buddy, Luke (if anything requires heavy lifting or ladders)
Dianne and Dawn (setting up tablescapes)
Travis and his lady friend  (actually Travis may end up walking Oma down the aisle...)

Other important duties:

  • make sure people know where the restrooms are, and that "accessible" restrooms are inside the house
  • move the aisle decor (lanterns) to the cocktail tables right after the ceremony
  • flip on LEDs and put them into oCubes at around 4/4:30 (If they don't last all 5 hours it's really no big deal)
  • Hand out bubbles for the getaway (or transfer them into the containers from the programs and TOJ packets and set them in a good spot)
  • Stand at the entrance and direct people to the guestbook.  The card table should be near enough that we don't need to tell people it's there.  Also, I don't want to put any out on the table, but someone should have an empty envelope or two on their person.  As amusing as it would be for someone to just stuff wads of cash into the card box (not likely ofc), I want to know where to send the thank you card!!!
  • Someone to go around afterwards and grab any leftover favors.^^

Other things to consider:

  • Lighting.  I'm indifferent to dance floor lighting but I don't want to eat in the dark.  I'll be fairly upset if we have to rent lights and HH never mentioned it.
  • Soft seating in or near the bar tent?  Like a few yard sale chairs and end table?  HH always has some kind of couch at events but I don't think it is actually theirs.

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  1. Suggestion: Set up a table along the path leading to the wedding/seating area. All of the weddings I've experienced, the guests sign upon arrival. Since you'll have Lonne there, that's a perfect job for them to remind guests.. "You may not pass Go until you've signed the book!" heheh

    Have you talked to HH to find out about a coordinator? You have a lot of those type duties on your list.

    Have you tested a couple of LEDs to see about how long they will last? I'm assuming 5 hours will be just about right.. but who knows.. you don't want them to go out too early.

    What about putting the bubbles on the tables? Each table could have a little card that says it's for when ya'll leave. With as many people as ya'll are planning for, if you put them in one spot, a lot of people may not get them... with the chaos, a lot of people may not even realize until last second that ya'll are leaving... granted, the DJ should be making an announcement to get everyone lined up.

    From the pictures I'm seeing - you might have to rent lights... BUT, I have a ton of white LED Christmas lights that might do the job... I'm pulling everything out next week... just something to think about.