Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time for Updates!

First and foremost, I have AWESOME bridesmaids.  

We all got together this weekend to hash out the details of their attire.  Fully expecting a long and arduous day of store after store, I made appointments at AA and DB, and had a game plan for the area malls.  However, the first dress they tried on at the first place we stopped was IT.  I even cancelled the next appointment!  We then had tasty sushi for lunch at the roll-your-own place nearby and then scrutinized every inch of our local Sam Moon store for accessories.

Each one in turn came by and remarked upon a particular set of earrings and bam!  We had matching accessories!  We made a good attempt at finding a matching bracelet but no such luck.  Next up were shoes, where we had an awesome idea that will very likely become reality.^^  

Back to my place to talk to-do lists, DIY, and forthcoming tasks.  Most of my DIY ideas were actually reasonable and not crazy.  Score one for me!  We went off in search of paper for the invitations and finished the day at Central Market to see about flowers and cake.  Origami will be incorporated into the invitations, but we're still working on paper.  CM doesn't do layered cakes, so on to Costco.  I need to call the head florist still.

Here we have all the glass items and some fake flowers for boutonnieres and to accent their ribbon pomanders.  The lantern carrying idea has been scrapped because I never did find good ones again.

Earrings.  Paper idea.  Ribbon for poms.

Next up:  Cake, Day-Of Tasks and Managers, Bridal Jewelry, Bridal Bouquet, Menswear, Hair/Makeup, DIY

Cake.  New idea:  get family members to make 2 each of their signature/our favorite cakes/pies, plus buy a small two tier cake to cut.  Kinnon did not immediately say no.^^

Day-Of Tasks:  Buddy and Luke have been volunteered, as have Dianne and Dawn.  Sweet!  No manager/coordinator yet but I'll ask HH.

Bridal Jewelry:  half want to go to the renaissance festival to look, half want to order from Etsy.  Saw a CUTE silver "paper" crane necklace with a pearl that I LOVE, and other stuff.

Bridal Bouquet:  need to call CM

Menswear:  I know what I want.  I'll just show Kinnon and then email everyone else.  :P

Hair/Makeup:  Kristal has a good lead on this.  If 4 people have makeup done travel fees are waived.  Still need hair but she's got a good place for that too.

DIY:  A lot.  Boutonnieres, ceremony aisle and reserved seating decor, paper stuff (programs, favor tags, menus), assemble and create diagrams of centerpieces...  probably more.


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  1. Go to the RenFest... you might find something you like better. If not, then go with Etsy. See? Problem solved!

    As for the makeup, if you are seriously interested, shoot her an email to get on her calendar. Well, wait.. ask J&A if they want to go that route as well first.. If you want my tattoo covered, we'd only need one more service... just keep me posted. I did meet up with her beforehand, but never had a trial run. I based my decision on HER makeup, which was absolutely flawless. It was a $55 risk, but it worked out.