Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/8/2011 Update

Did I mention that I have to redo the wedding budget?  The app that it was in got deleted when I updated to iOS5.  I have a PDF of it but I still needed to check it again anyway.  Notttt panicking...

As soon as it is back in working order I need to book makeup and hair stylists.

And get the invitation stuff bought and done.

Finally talked to the florist at Central Market.  $145 for what I want if I supply the fake lilies-of-the-valley.  Supposedly Kinnon should pay for it.

I have stuff I need to buy.  -_-  Every paycheck I've been buying about $20 of stuff.  I made a page just for stuff I need to buy, make, or borrow.  I get about 6 coupons/week between Michael's, Joanne, and Hobby Lobby and I even started a spreadsheet to track which ones I have, what I can use them for, and when they expire.  If I could post it here I would.

Need to get Kinnon to commit to my cake idea so I can ask people about them at Thanksgiving.  Won't happen until at least Monday.  He's in the middle of a huge assignment that appears to be stressing him out quite a bit.  :(

Need to get with Jenna to see if she knows anyone who can play day-of coordinator for a reasonable fee.

Need to meet with:
DJ (must bring Kinnon)
Hummingbird House  (can do this on my own or with brides'ladies - general planning, do we need lights?, can they offer a lower price for day-of coordination)

Need to check in with:

Debi wants a photobooth and our photographer does one for a very reasonable $400.

I'm sure there's a ton more that I'm missing but ... -_-

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  1. I'm working on the invitations... was ill for several days, so I'm a little behind, but I'll have it ready soon.

    Suggestion for tablescapes -- set them up how you want, take a picture... then box everything up by table and include the picture.. that should help whoever is setting it up do it the way you want.