Friday, November 18, 2011


The venue and the caterer are both on board for homemade cakes!!!  The caterer does cut and serve, AND said if we want to take any home just bring a container!  YEAHYEAHYEAHHHH  holy crap I love those people.

Now I just need to make sure we can find people to make 10-12 cakes!

Mom - check - 2 fruit torts
Dad - mom says check - Flourless chocolate cake (maybe 2)  (=gluten free)
Erik - (asking at T-Day) - creative license, maybe even the main/tiered one we take home for the 1 year anniversary thing?
Oma - (asking at T-Day) - buttermilk cake with lemon glaze
also hoping for:
Nelda/Regina/A Martin - Hurricane cake?
Chocolate Pie, S'More pie
Low Pro cupcakes (if they'll keep a few days I can do those myself from Maddy's mix)
My amazing chocolate chip cookie bars / cinnamon chip orange cookie bars
Good lord and if I could convince my mom to make about 100 vienna shortbread cookies...  ::drool::

So...  DIY project Cake Stand is also go.  :P  As well as nice little signs that say what's what.

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