Wednesday, November 2, 2011


ok so here's the deal...  I can't seem to get excited about paying for a cake when all I can think of is how certain family members are absolutely ace at baking.

If I can swing it...

my dad would make his fudgy gluten free cake  (almost like chocolate pudding that stands on its own)
my mom would make her famous fruit tort
mom's mom would make her buttermilk cake with lemon glaze <---my ideal wedding cake^^
dad's mom would make a cake (not sure what kind but i know she bakes)
Kinnon's dad would make Death by Chocolate
Kinnon's grandma would make hurricane cake (cake whose only liquid is canned peaches)
My brother would assemble something as well, his choice, as 
and then have a chocolate cake, a white cake, and a carrot cake as well...
PKU safe cupcakes, and PKU safe sugar cookies from Cook For Love (that technically everyone can eat)
I hope my brother would bring something as well.  His wedding cake was EPIC.
Etc and so forth.

So cake stands...  while I LOVE these, I'm not sure the fit the decor.  
Tree trunk stands!  My dad could make them in one weekend if he is willing to sacrifice a tree or two...

Cupcake stand with world map:
Would probably apply the same technique to say...  a short can and the cardboard top to do a cake stand instead.

milk glass vase + melamine plate + glue gun =

short glass candlestick + glass platter + epoxy/glue gun = more uniform cake plate, plus you can illuminate the candlestick! 

I've also seen a grouping of 4 or 9 glass cubes overturned over LED tealights and flowers with a plate or tray set on top.

Now I'm going to be really sad if we end up having to buy a cake!

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