Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY Trials: TOJ Packets and Favor Cards

#1, My paper cutting tool can't cut a straight line to save it's life.  :(

I worked out ways to attach each type of beverage charm.  We have 2 more packages coming and probably another 3 types I can order from amazon if I need to.  The set that the one on the bottom right is from has a few that I plan to trash because I don't want to give out markers that say "trashed", "tipsy", or whatever other drunken euphamisms there are.  I don't want anyone stuck with them.

TOJ packets.  1 letter size sheet of the resume paper yields 4 packets that fit 2 sheets of kleenex.  :P  My fancy adhesive roller was fine to stick the sides together, and I plan to get some nice stickers to hold them closed.  Even if nobody uses them I have purse packs of kleenex to use myself.  Considering we tend to keep kleenex in the house and we already have the paper, this will be a nice cheap little finishing touch.  If we could print in teal that would be even better.  
"Tears of Joy,
Tears of Laughter,
Tears of Happily Ever After"
is the typical saying but I'm open to other suggestions.

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