Thursday, December 22, 2011

Craft Days List and shopping list

Wash glassware
Modge podge paper onto glass plates, and glue bases on to plates
print, cut out, and assemble "Tears of Joy" packets
print, cut out, and assemble favors
Fold, cut, glue, hang big paper stars
Cut, fold, glue, hang paper ornaments (Celtic calendar)
Cut and assemble strip paper stars
Cut and assemble paper balls
Finish folding oCubes
Bridesmaid ribbon pomanders (shave down square styrofoam, cut and glue ribbons)
Flower girl ribbon pomander
Assemble card box
Cut ribbons for reserved seating
Make 8 coffee filter peonies

Centerpiece assembly:
Fold paper airplanes for travel themed table
Paint inside of plastic ornaments for materia
Landscape for WoW table

Shopping list:

Plastic ornaments for materia
Cheap paints for materia (red yellow blue green purple black white)
Gardening tools
plain circular coffee filters

To be continued...

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