Monday, January 16, 2012


Note:  made decision to use my fancy wrapping paper as center/accent "linens" since I'm having trouble finding any actual linens I like/am willing to afford.  Could use a roll of teal/silver though.

At first we thought we wanted to get guests to mingle by only providing table seating for 100 people.

Then I thought for a minute, what if I were a guest who wanted to sit but all tables were full?

So we're going to add a few more tables.  so I need to think up themes for said tables...

  • Kid/Art table with a vinyl tablecloth and either paper and crayons, OR that spiffy crayola paper with markers that only color on that paper, OR ???  We have no idea how many kids there will be, but I know there will be a few.
  • Our Favorite Bits and Bobs:  mango wood bowl with ceramic "campfire, rawhide candelabra, and whatever else we feel safe setting out
  • Board Games a few decks of cards, dominos
  • Fill globe vase with video game controllers and surround with a wreath of cables
  • Sanrio Table:  Hello Kitty, Kerroppi, Badtz Maru Etc

More to come...

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  1. Here's that site I got the table cloths and napkins from. Look for coupon codes - they typically have one out there.