Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Update

...because it's more interesting than reading about my panicking.^^  Which I am doing less of now, by the way.  

Without further ado...

Thank you, picstitch (& Andrea) for the fun collage effect.
Top to bottom:  gardening, cooking, travel.  Right:  just all the glass stuff.

"Stuff to hang from that one gnarly tree" and I am SO happy to say Danny knew exactly what tree I was talking about from the start!  It's a 30 year old pittosporum, for the record.

Components of cake plates.  I'm avoiding assembling them for as long as I can because they will take up quite a bit of space.  They look way better than I expected!

Treasure chest of favors, Suitcase of TOJ packets, basket for programs, and a lantern.

Pen box and guest book.  Kinnon and I didn't like anything we saw at craft stores, but Barnes&Noble has a ton of nice leather bound journals.  I plan to add writing prompts* every few pages.


FINALLY found good earrings!  I am SO excited for this set!

*Writing prompts.  I don't mean tell me what you did last summer or whatever, just stuff that I've seen other people add to their guests books.
What is your favorite food at the wedding?
What is your favorite part of the wedding?
Write something for the couple to read on their first anniversary
"" fifth anniversary
""tenth anniversary
Draw a picture of their dream house
Draw a picture of their family in 5 years
Draw a picture of them as aliens
Draw a picture of them as robots
(we can go on for ever on this.....)

Please vote:  Since they've been together so long (wedding date is 9 year dating anniversary), Should their first wedding anniversary be their first anniversary, or their tenth anniversary?

What makes them such an awesome match?
-What is your favorite memory of them?
-Share your advice/words of wisdom for a happy marriage.
-How did you meet them?
-Share your favorite moment from the wedding so far?  Feel free to come back and update as needed.
-Got a funny story to tell about traveling to the wedding?
-If you're married, tell us your favorite memory from your wedding day.
-Share your prediction for their's future together.
-Why do you think that A is perfect for K?
-Why do you think that K is perfect for A?
What makes them such an awesome match in general?
How do you know K and A?
Share your favorite memory of K and/or A.
Draw a picture of K and A.
1. When did you meet the bride/groom?
2. Where do you see the bride & groom in 10 years?
3. Share a funny story about the bride/groom.
4.  How do you keep a marriage exciting?
5.  What's the secret to a great marriage?
What should they name their kids?

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