Thursday, October 21, 2010


As of 10-20-2010 we're officially engaged.

I have some thank you notes to write. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Vision.

The guests enter the ceremony area to the sounds of instrumental music from anime, movies, and video games Kinnon and I love. Ideally outddoors in a pretty garden, or a Catholic church with stained glass windows. The aisles are decorated by shepherd's hook hangers with alternating paper lanterns and pomander balls if outside, or a simple ribbon/flower pew hanger. If there is a runner (outside), it has plywood underneath so nobody trips. Bride enters to Aeris theme from FF7. The ceremony itself is short and to the point, [if outdoors] officiated by Spike Gillespie. After the officiant announces the new couple, the FF7 Battle win theme plays, then mixes into the traditional music [whatever it is called] and the bride and groom exit.

The guests are treated to appetizers and iced tea while the photos are taken. Unlined index cards and art supplies with be provided in lieu of a guestbook, to be clothes-pinned to a string during the reception, then scrapbooked later. Guests will be treated to a small, probably edible favor [tbd]. There should be Mad-Libs books, crayons, and paper on the tables for entertainment purposes. Iced tea and water will be served in personalized stadium cups (also a favor). Centerpieces are low and consist of flowers, greenery, and little Toy Joy toys on wires (guests can take them home), and have a knotted white ribbon around the vase. The newlyweds are welcomed in to [music tbd, Satellite by DB?] and we feast on foods the bride and groom love, as well as good beers selected by the Bride's family and good wines selected by the Groom's family. While everything is digesting there are a few succinct speeches and champagne, then first dance wherein Kinnon and I magically know how to dance well, father/daughter dance, mother son dance (possibly combined?) and the longest married dance. More dancing ensues, interrupted by cake (small 2 tier traditional and some family favorites), later bouquet toss (gift card stuck inside?) if there are any single ladies left anywhere on the planet at that point, and probably a garter toss (catcher gets a gift card?). We'll exit through a cloud of bubbles and possibly sparklers, venue permitting, and hopefully make the getaway in a fancy car or helicopter.^^