Preparation and Day-of Tasks

Day-Of Tasks:
  • Bring in snacks for the Bridal suite and Groom's Suite (assuming we'll do brunch or something before?)
  • Have someone on call for errands
  • After the ceremony, make sure someone moves lanterns from aisle to cocktail tables
  • Have someone keep an eye on guestbook, favors, and cards (not stand over, just keep an eye on)
  • Hand out bubbles for the exit
  • Collect any left over favors at the end of the night
  • Tip the vendors

Did I miss anything?

Large scale/multiple DIY:

  • Program printing - easy, maybe add ribbon if there is any left
  • Print menus and put in frames for tables (10) (can't happen until end of February)
  • Flower girl ribbon pomander (1)
  • Cut ribbons and tie onto mini lanterns for cocktail area tree
  • tie leftover ribbon to bubbles
  • Cake stands - epoxy/hot glue plates to bases
Cakes! Need 10-12 regular sized cakes

  1. Mom- fruit tortes
  2. Dad- flourless chocolate cake
  3. Oma- buttermilk cake with lemon frosting
  4. Lonne&Erik - stollen and kit kat cake
  5. Wyman - WBG Cake
  6. Nelda - Hurricane cake
  7. Grandma - famous coconut cake
  8. Aunt Cathy - vegan chocolate cake
  9. Aunt Monica - low protein, gluten free, vegan cake

Items Available to Decorate Non Dining Tables:
tall rectangular teal vase
medium rectangular teal vase
teal beehive vase - to hold my bouquet
silver/teal glass bowl - fill with mints at guestbook table
teal "gazing" globe -
2 teal hanging lanterns (probably for "altar")
1 big teal/purple lantern -
5' tall corkscrew stick things
a few pounds of polished river rocks
old glass candy stick jar with lid
2 generic plain glass vases
1 hideously painted purple and silver vase - hide.  It's oooogly.
1 cylindrical plain glass vase
1 fake map print "suitcase" - filled with "TOJ" packets
1 fake map print "chest" - filled with favors
random assortment of fake flowers
1 6x6 glass cube vase
3 simple square based bud vases