Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuxes are GO.

We went in Sunday and chose stuff.  Kinnon surprised me by choosing something that looked good instead of something that was just "the right colors".

I'm super proud of him!  Shoes are settled, too but he's "only doing it for the bridesmaids".  :P

So we need to collect shoe sizes.^^

The jeweler we wanted to try first for my ring isn't open Sundays or Mondays.  Lame.  So that won't be happening for a while.

I still haven't called Central Market again to see what happened to my bouquet quote.  Kinnon and I can't agree on real v. fake boutonnieres anyway.  If he is paying for all real bouts and corsages then that's fine but he'a talking only him and the groomsmen.  Yeah no we have 2 moms, 2 dads, 4 grandparents, and 2 ushers as well.

If we do fake I can bout and corsage everyone plus a few extras like spouses of attendants for under $75 (probably less with careful use of coupons).  If we do real we're looking at almost $175!!!

I've also noticed that while most people claim they'd never even notice if bouts were fake, the very few poeple who say they would are also adamantly against fake flowers in weddings in the first place.

Friday, November 18, 2011


The venue and the caterer are both on board for homemade cakes!!!  The caterer does cut and serve, AND said if we want to take any home just bring a container!  YEAHYEAHYEAHHHH  holy crap I love those people.

Now I just need to make sure we can find people to make 10-12 cakes!

Mom - check - 2 fruit torts
Dad - mom says check - Flourless chocolate cake (maybe 2)  (=gluten free)
Erik - (asking at T-Day) - creative license, maybe even the main/tiered one we take home for the 1 year anniversary thing?
Oma - (asking at T-Day) - buttermilk cake with lemon glaze
also hoping for:
Nelda/Regina/A Martin - Hurricane cake?
Chocolate Pie, S'More pie
Low Pro cupcakes (if they'll keep a few days I can do those myself from Maddy's mix)
My amazing chocolate chip cookie bars / cinnamon chip orange cookie bars
Good lord and if I could convince my mom to make about 100 vienna shortbread cookies...  ::drool::

So...  DIY project Cake Stand is also go.  :P  As well as nice little signs that say what's what.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday night DIY

And more boutonnière trials.

White ranunculus
hops (found at Joanne!)
already had the pink and purple flowers from a previous trial
teal velvet bead on a wire

I like them just fine but Kinnon still hasn't made peace with fake flowers instead of real ones.  :(

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/8/2011 Update

Did I mention that I have to redo the wedding budget?  The app that it was in got deleted when I updated to iOS5.  I have a PDF of it but I still needed to check it again anyway.  Notttt panicking...

As soon as it is back in working order I need to book makeup and hair stylists.

And get the invitation stuff bought and done.

Finally talked to the florist at Central Market.  $145 for what I want if I supply the fake lilies-of-the-valley.  Supposedly Kinnon should pay for it.

I have stuff I need to buy.  -_-  Every paycheck I've been buying about $20 of stuff.  I made a page just for stuff I need to buy, make, or borrow.  I get about 6 coupons/week between Michael's, Joanne, and Hobby Lobby and I even started a spreadsheet to track which ones I have, what I can use them for, and when they expire.  If I could post it here I would.

Need to get Kinnon to commit to my cake idea so I can ask people about them at Thanksgiving.  Won't happen until at least Monday.  He's in the middle of a huge assignment that appears to be stressing him out quite a bit.  :(

Need to get with Jenna to see if she knows anyone who can play day-of coordinator for a reasonable fee.

Need to meet with:
DJ (must bring Kinnon)
Hummingbird House  (can do this on my own or with brides'ladies - general planning, do we need lights?, can they offer a lower price for day-of coordination)

Need to check in with:

Debi wants a photobooth and our photographer does one for a very reasonable $400.

I'm sure there's a ton more that I'm missing but ... -_-

CM Florist

Mambo Spray Roses (My favorite)
White Ranunculus (Filler flower/what'll be in the boutonnieres)
Purple irises (Debi's Fave)
Liles of the valley (supposed my my mom's fave/will be fake)
Dried or fresh Lavender (my favorite scent)
Bear Grass (looped) whatever else the lady throws in, she suggested lemon tips which is hilarious because that's exactly the greenery I wanted but didn't know what it was called!
or variegated pittosporum, which IMO is eh but she seems to know what she's doing

Ribbon wrapped stem, 10" bouquet, $145


I wonder if I have enough hair to pull this off.

Monday, November 7, 2011

11/7/2011 Update

So yeah a day-of planner would be $650 if we go with the one that works at the venue.  That sounds reasonable for someone who'd have been working with me from the beginning, but not someone who essentially only works the day of.  Working on a plan B:  someone who has all the pertinent info but only works with us for the rehearsal and day of, for a reasonable fee.

Debi has decided we will have a photo booth.  :)

I'm starting to gather people to make cakes, assuming we CAN do that...  Mom is first on board for her fruit torts.  I think I finally have a wedding related idea my dad LIKES.  XD

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reserved Chairs

Chairs at the aisle and chairs in the front row (or 2?)

Reserved sign


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Give everyone bubbles.
Give VIPs bubble guns.
Use Debi's bubble machine.


ok so here's the deal...  I can't seem to get excited about paying for a cake when all I can think of is how certain family members are absolutely ace at baking.

If I can swing it...

my dad would make his fudgy gluten free cake  (almost like chocolate pudding that stands on its own)
my mom would make her famous fruit tort
mom's mom would make her buttermilk cake with lemon glaze <---my ideal wedding cake^^
dad's mom would make a cake (not sure what kind but i know she bakes)
Kinnon's dad would make Death by Chocolate
Kinnon's grandma would make hurricane cake (cake whose only liquid is canned peaches)
My brother would assemble something as well, his choice, as 
and then have a chocolate cake, a white cake, and a carrot cake as well...
PKU safe cupcakes, and PKU safe sugar cookies from Cook For Love (that technically everyone can eat)
I hope my brother would bring something as well.  His wedding cake was EPIC.
Etc and so forth.

So cake stands...  while I LOVE these, I'm not sure the fit the decor.  
Tree trunk stands!  My dad could make them in one weekend if he is willing to sacrifice a tree or two...

Cupcake stand with world map:
Would probably apply the same technique to say...  a short can and the cardboard top to do a cake stand instead.

milk glass vase + melamine plate + glue gun =

short glass candlestick + glass platter + epoxy/glue gun = more uniform cake plate, plus you can illuminate the candlestick! 

I've also seen a grouping of 4 or 9 glass cubes overturned over LED tealights and flowers with a plate or tray set on top.

Now I'm going to be really sad if we end up having to buy a cake!

DIY Trials: TOJ Packets and Favor Cards

#1, My paper cutting tool can't cut a straight line to save it's life.  :(

I worked out ways to attach each type of beverage charm.  We have 2 more packages coming and probably another 3 types I can order from amazon if I need to.  The set that the one on the bottom right is from has a few that I plan to trash because I don't want to give out markers that say "trashed", "tipsy", or whatever other drunken euphamisms there are.  I don't want anyone stuck with them.

TOJ packets.  1 letter size sheet of the resume paper yields 4 packets that fit 2 sheets of kleenex.  :P  My fancy adhesive roller was fine to stick the sides together, and I plan to get some nice stickers to hold them closed.  Even if nobody uses them I have purse packs of kleenex to use myself.  Considering we tend to keep kleenex in the house and we already have the paper, this will be a nice cheap little finishing touch.  If we could print in teal that would be even better.  
"Tears of Joy,
Tears of Laughter,
Tears of Happily Ever After"
is the typical saying but I'm open to other suggestions.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unity Spice Ceremony

Nice ideas but I have a funny hunch we can't/won't afford it:
I like starting and ending with salt, even if not for their same reasons.

Austin spice shop to check out:

At some point soon Kinnon and I will go to the container store and choose bottles, unless we find somewhere with more interesting containers.  And a clear funnel.  I won't have an ugly white tupperware-lookin' thing in my wedding!  :P

I also have that wooden platter with something like 6 different Turkish spices, and Hungarian paprika from my parents.

The Tree From Which People Hang Ribbons at HH...

I'm going to hang multi colored mini glass lanterns by white knotted ribbons on the tree.  And probably the birdcage/altar area thing.  The ribbons (wide white grosgrain) will have a knot midway between the lantern and the branch.

It will be my nod to

Still undecided on whether or not to offer guests white knot pins at the entrance.