Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have reached a point where I want to forsake all other activities just to get all the wedding stuff DONE.


Monday, January 16, 2012


Note:  made decision to use my fancy wrapping paper as center/accent "linens" since I'm having trouble finding any actual linens I like/am willing to afford.  Could use a roll of teal/silver though.

At first we thought we wanted to get guests to mingle by only providing table seating for 100 people.

Then I thought for a minute, what if I were a guest who wanted to sit but all tables were full?

So we're going to add a few more tables.  so I need to think up themes for said tables...

  • Kid/Art table with a vinyl tablecloth and either paper and crayons, OR that spiffy crayola paper with markers that only color on that paper, OR ???  We have no idea how many kids there will be, but I know there will be a few.
  • Our Favorite Bits and Bobs:  mango wood bowl with ceramic "campfire, rawhide candelabra, and whatever else we feel safe setting out
  • Board Games a few decks of cards, dominos
  • Fill globe vase with video game controllers and surround with a wreath of cables
  • Sanrio Table:  Hello Kitty, Kerroppi, Badtz Maru Etc

More to come...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Poms and Pretties

These are WAY harder than the first one for some reason...  I'm an hour into the gluing and my back is KILLING ME.
But the colors are totally mesmerizing to me.  SO pretty.  Photo doesn't do it justice.

And my necklace and bracelet.  I bought earrings that may or may not match.  I'll find out Monday or Tuesday.  They have interchangeable pearls so even if they don't work for this, they're still really pretty.

That's enough for tonight.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bridal Jewels

I got a bracelet and necklace that match and totally mesmerize me with the sparkly but am having second thoughts.

Need to check Charming Charlie's for earrings.

Still haven't seen a garter for sale anywhere.  I fear I should look into making one since my legs are decidedly not "average" sized anyway.  ARGH the things I do for kinnon.

Still need shawls.

I feel like I can't buy anything from Etsy because that would be admitting defeat but holy hell I am getting close to it.........

I Need To Stay Away From OBB

...because OMG the ideas!

Flying paper airplanes instead of bubbles?!  OMG.

Someone had their baker make a gum paste SERENITY for the groom's cake.

"From a distance, our wedding looked like most small, southern weddings. There was a bride in a white dress and bridesmaids in matching dresses and men in tuxedos. Up close, the traditional wedding started to get fuzzy." from someone else?  THAT'S WHAT WE WANT!

Alas I'm past the point of adding new things.  Honestly I need to prioritize and see what I can cut out at this point.