Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

6 Days - A Collage

I can't tell you about the paperwork I'm doing but I can show you this.

6 Days



To Do:

  • List of photos (this is not fun at all!)
  • Make flower girl's pomander
  • Print Programs (typed and ready for graphic design)
  • Lay out menus (print as soon as finalized)
  • Make the bar menu pretty and print it
  • Decorate the garters - just tie a ribbon on.  NO big deal.
  • Write vows
  • Assemble tip cash in envelopes
  • Add prompts to guest book (must be done while calm, for good handwriting)
  • Finish packing up centerpieces (so close!  just waiting on some of Kinnon's)
  • Glue bases onto cake plates (Sunday probably - they will be difficult to store when assembled)
  • Cut wrapping paper into 12 circles, 24" each to go under centerpieces
  • drop off fake lilies-of-the-valley at southside central market
  • Pay folks (strings, DJ, caterer)
  • Make a hair doodad since stuff in stores is disappointing
Tasks to assign:
  • errand person for the day of the wedding
  • Someone to pick up the decor after the wedding or the next day

  • Nothing!  NO MORE!  I am DONE shopping for this wedding!!!